Featured Essays:   

"Eulogy for The Bomb" by Paul Perilli

A playground legend is brought back to life.

More Recent Essays:

"My Precious Stuff" Joseph O'Day struggles to differentiate memories and the items that trigger them.

"Fagile Landscapes"  Gillian Haines befriends a prisoner and must face the transformative potency of violence.

"Pictures" Jean Berrett profiles a woman's post-divorce transformation.

"Patriarch" Susan Moldaw lovingly remembers her invincible father.

"Unhitching" Jason Bruner, reflecting on his own life, contemplates the motivations of missionaries.

"Sisters" Bari Benjamin relates a story of when sisterly bonds are tested but ultimately become lifelines.

"Defining Childhood" Jeanne Powell learns the new language of refugees when Vietnamese classmates arrive.

"Violations" Jenn Gilgan, seeing the actions of ISIS, remembers violations she suffered in adolescence.

"Almost" Annie Dawid recalls a night when she nearly took a step too far.

"Counter Winds and Cross-eyed Casters" Julie Whitlow mentors an Iraqi researcher and learns some of the complexities of intertwined histories.

"Keisha: Urban Warrior" Desiree Magney finds heroism among the poorest and most desperate of her pro bono legal clients.

"(Un)fortunate Sons" Sheila Luna visits the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the trip prompts memory of a POW bracelet she once carried, carrying her back to the complexities of her vision of the era.


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